How to Moisturize Your Child's High Porosity Hair

How to Moisturize Your Child's High Porosity Hair African Naturalistas
By DiscoveringNatural

Knowing your child's natural hair porosity is very important in keeping your hair moisturized longer. In addition, when you don't know what products to use for your natural hair, your hair porosity, tells you more than what your hair type can tell you.

How to find your hair porosity:
How to wash high porosity hair:
How to make our DIY Hair Oil:

Do you know your child's hair porosity?

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  1. Enter your comment...Hi, I am so glad to come across your Blog. Nice work you have here. I have been having problem with my relaxed hair so I decided to transition to Natural hair. I am 5 months post relaxer. I have browsed on products to use but they are so many. was wondering if there is any specific one you can recommend I get for the main time and from where as I am confused on which ones to get as I start my natural hair journey. I will appreciate a feedback please. Thanks

    1. Hi Semi, what you need is a basic transitioning Kit (Moisturizing Shampoo, Deep Cleansing Shampoo like Black Soap Shampoo, detangling/moisturizing conditioner, deep conditioning mayonnaise, hair butter/daily hair moisturizer and hair Oil for sealing). You can get AN Transitioning Kit.


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