Find Out The Inspiration Behind This Bride And Her Natural Haired Bridal Party

A couple of weeks ago, this photo went viral on Nigerian Instagram. We couldn't stop oohing and aahing.We thought it was one of the most unique bridal parties we have seen in recent times so we reached out to the bride Gladys Azah to find out what inspired her and how she was able to find five little girls with natural hair for her wedding.


AN: Frankly, this is one of the most unique bridal party we've seen in recent times. What inspired you to go this route? How were you able to find five little girls with natural hair for your wedding?

Gladys: First of all, thanks a lot for the love. My husband inspired the natural hair and those little cuties are my nieces. They are all natural. My husband likes the natural big afro a lot so it was a surprise for him on my big day to go natural with my girls. 

AN: Wow! Are all your nieces from the same mother? 

Gladys: No, they are not from the same parents. All five of them are from three different parents. Plus it was a competition for their parents to grow their daughters natural hair since all three of them have girls alone.

AN: We love this kind of competition. Are your daughters going to be joining them too?

Gladys: Oh yes definitely! As much as I want a little man in the house, my hubby is so in for girls. 

I definitely enjoyed chatting with her. 

I hope you do too! 

Can someone say #bridalpartygoals? 

Who needs bridesmaids when you can have this?


  1. Awwwn!!! So cute! I saw this picture some time ago. Someone suggested they had used extensions. I'm glad to know that was not the case.


  2. Aww, this so cuttteee. Kid goals here mehhnnn.


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