Caring For Your Hair in a Protective Style

I've had my self-styled individual faux locs for about three weeks now, and while I plan on taking them down soon, I am trying my best to make sure I take care of the style, as well as my hair underneath. As far as moisturizing goes, I've been doing the following:

1. African Naturalistas Daily Hair Mist - I try to spray my hair at least every other day. This gives my hair and scalp much needed moisture.

2. I follow it up with the African Naturalistas Anti-Dandruff Herbal Spray -

3. Then I apply Leave-In Conditioner (Cantu or African Naturalistas) to my roots. When I did the hairstyle, I attached the locs loosely to my roots, so that I would have easy access to them.

4. I apply African Naturalistas Hair Growth Oil Elixir to my scalp.

5. I finally finish with the African Naturalistas Anti-Breakage Butter Lotion (and sometimes, add the butter as well).

These steps have largely kept my scalp and hair in pretty good shape.

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  1. African Naturalistas for the win, lol. The products sure work. Hmmmm


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