5 romantic Natural Hairstyles for your valentine date

Hello Naturalistas,

Who is excited about February? I am excited because it's the month of Love but too many things are happening in this country for us to be focused on Love at the moment but next week is Valentine's day and the least we can do is take out time to forget all the mayhem and spend with the one you love.

Here are 5 Romantic Hairstyles you can do for the special date.

Try out this Faux Bun in 2 ways  (Click the links for instructions)

                                                                           Faux Bun

 Loose chunky twist after straightening it

Half Updo with Clip-ins

Halo Bun (I made up the name myself)

What you need:

  • Bobby Pins 
  • Head band
How to: 
  • Section a small portion of your hair giving a U shape
  • Pull the rest of the hair with the headband into a pineapple bun 
  • Tuck in the rest of the pineapple with bobby pins
  • The U shaped section you have, Divide it into 2 and do a chunky twist. (As you can see mine couldn't manage to get chunky) 
  • Do a crisscross with the 2 twists. Pin the left twist under the right one and the right one under the left one. It gives it the halo shape


Are you ready for valentine? Which style do you think is the most romantic? 


  1. I love all the hairstyles, the most romantic ones in my opinion are the half updo and halo bun.


  2. I love the pictorial hairstyle pictures. Thanks for sharing

  3. That loose chunky flat twist is amazing!!!! So elegant!!!!

  4. I spent vals day watching movie on the laptop with hubby. Did I need to style my hair? Lol


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