Texlaxing: What you need to know

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing this new year and with your Natural Hair goals?

 Is it just me or more people are either relaxing their hair or texlaxing their hair?  Since we all know about relaxing, we would be discussing Texlaxing today.


What is Texlaxing?

This is the process of deliberately under processing your hair with a relaxer with the purpose of loosening the texture of your hair but not making it relaxed.

Why do people decide to Texlax?

- Less damaged hair: Since you are letting the relaxer for a shorter time on your hair, it reduces the effect of the chemical on your hair.
- Hair is easier to manage and more style options: Compared to your natural hair, texlaxed hair is easier to manage but not necessarily less work, just easier (In most cases) and you have more versatility with your new hair texture.
- To transition into the natural hair journy

What to do before you Texlax your hair

- Be very sure: You don't want to start wishing you did not do it a week after you've made your decision.
- Do a protein treatment a week before: Remember, you are putting chemical on your hair, you want to ensure your hair is strengthened for the journey ahead.
- Be ready to manage 2 textures
- If you are texlaxing your hair yourself endure you set a timer so you don't relax the hair totally.
- Use a sealant before applying the relaxer on your hair to protect your edges and ends

What is most important is that you do your research well to make sure you're making the best decision for your hair.

What are your thoughts on Texlaxing? Is your hair texlaxed, let's know your experience. 


  1. Maybe it's just you, lol. What do I know? I might be living in a cocoon.


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