ONE natural hair goal you should have 2017

Hello Naturalistas,

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

The new year brings newness and a feeling of a fresh start. We make plans in the hopes to correct some of the mistakes that we made in the previous year and our natural hair should not be left out. In the past we have shared various goals on this blog which might have inspired some of you to create your own goals too. This year I think we should all just have one natural hair goal.

Healthier Hair.

Our goal should be that by the end of the year we want healthier hair. Whatever it would mean to you through out the year and whatever stage you are in your hair journey. Knowing that different people go on this natural hair journey for different reasons, I met a woman today who had to cut her locs after she moved back to Nigeria because no one could do it as well as she was used to, now she just maintains a permanent BC and that works for her. So, whatever you have decided to do to your hair this year let's just make sure that our priority is healthy hair.

Here's to a healthier natural hair journey in 2017!!!

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