Bantu knots out on dry natural hair

Hi naturalistas,

Happy new year

This is a throw back post of when I tried Bantu knots on my hair. I had just closed from work that day and was on my way home, got bored 'cause of traffic and decided to try something with my hair. I had read a post on Bantu knots earlier that day so I guess that was what made me try it. I didn’t add water or moisturiser (my hair was already moisturised earlier that day). By the time i got home, I had gone halfway.

So I completed the rest at home. All I did was to do a two-strand twist and roll into a knot. That was all. 
I unraveled it the next day (I put some oil on my fingers as I did so) and this was how it turned out.

Not much definition with the curls but I still love the way it looks
I’m really glad it turned out well(not much curl definition though) despite not adding any hair butter, leave-in or gel. 

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried Bantu knots? Would you like to try it?
Here is a video that would guide you.

Till then


  1. I think it looks nice on you. Like how you styled it into a puff.

  2. Cool. I like the way it turned out. All bumpy and things. I've never tried Bantu knot outs on my natural hair. I tried them on my relaxed hair once back in the days and loved the results. But the knots and tangles though. Even on relaxed hair. Mitchell

  3. Why did you choose to not use any curl-defining product?


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