Hair Goals for 2017 and why

Hello everyone, it’s still January, and not too late to write our hair goals for the year. To have a goal, we have to first determine what we are trying to achieve. It might be longer hair, healthier hair, to be more adventurous with styles, etc.

I believe my hair is quite healthy, so my goal for the year is to maintain the health and gain a little more length.

This year, I have decided to be intentional about personal hair care against hair styling. I started this in the second half of last year but couldn't see it through because of travels and my wedding at the end of the year.


  • I will wash every 2 weeks 
  • Henna treatment once in a while 
  • Protein treatment once in a while
  • Deep condition during every wash
  • Hot oil treatment once in a while 
  • Tea rinse once a month 


  • Mostly twists and updos which I will do myself 
  • Cut out salon visits as much as I can 

Hair care

  • Moisturise daily
  • Scalp massage twice a week 
  • Focus on sealing ends
  • Trim twice a year 
  • Continue sleeping in a satin scarf 

What I won't be doing

  • Too many experimental DIYs
  • Engaging in long and tedious wash days 
  • Trying new things I'm not familiar with 
  • Using heat on my hair 

The focus this year, is to focus on health of the hair, not length. When the health is there, the length will automatically be added.

Let's see how that turns out for me.

What's your goal for 2017, and how do you intend to achieve it


  1. You don't need length. You should focus on your health.

    Same here: health over length.

  2. Does it mean I should not do anything to make my hair grow longer this year? I want it longer...

    1. Not that, but it shouldn't be the focus. Once there's health, you will be fine.

  3. I really want my hair to grow this year. let's say armpit length 'cause it's about time. So health and length both.

  4. I want length too but like Berry said, with Health comes Length! So cheers to Healthy hair.

  5. My hair goal for this year is to continue to learn more about natural hair and share it with others. Keeping my hair healthy is the predictable primary goal.

    1. Coool, as per the learning bit. Sometimes, we think we have learnt enough, that there's nothing new out there.


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