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Hello ladies. Yes, I know. It's been ages and ages since we brought this column to you. Nothing dramatic happened. It's just because I abruptly stopped going to the salon. I wanted a personalised regimen for 6 months before the wedding, and I didn't want anyone touching my hair except absolutely necessary.

Last week, I had to go to O'Naturals to get my hair prepped up for the wedding happening this Saturday. Since the wedding is not taking place in Nigeria, we are not going with too many tools, so it is absolutely necessary to have the hair prepped.

Yes, O'Naturals will be catering for my hair at our destination wedding. Yaay. That is one burden lifted off our shoulders. Sadly, we won't be going with our makeup artist, so we are still looking for a way round that.

If you have not seen the hair O'Naturals did for the court wedding last month, here is a picture for you.

You can check out the other pictures by clicking here.

So back to the post. I got to O'Naturals last week. The hair was properly detangled, as it has been in a bun for a while, and then washed... first with my medicated shampoo, and then a moisturising shampoo. After this, my scalp treatment was applied to my scalp, and then African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise (also sold at O'Naturals Salon) was put on my hair. Then I got under the steamer for 30 minutes.

After the second wash, the hair was left to dry a bit. Leave-in conditioner and oil was applied to the scalp, for sealing. And then we proceeded to


Of course, I am not carrying a threaded style for the wedding, which everyone has been asking me. They keep wondering while my hair has been neatly, freshly, and tightly threaded when I have a wedding in less than a week, lol.

After threading, the hair threaded strands were neatly arranged, dreadlocks style, and then put in a bun. At that point, I wished I wouldn't have to take down the style so soon. So I promised myself that I would come back sometime next year to do the style again.

By the time we were done, this was what the style looked like.

So what do you think about this hair style? If you were to wear your natural hair for your wedding, will you consider this an option for a prewedding stretch if you don't want to use any stretching tools. Let's have your thoughts in the comments section.

Hairstyle Lounge was brought to you by O'Naturals Salon. No money exchanged hands in making this lounge a reality. To make your hair at O'Naturals, visit the salon at 54 Ogudu road, Ogudu-Ojota Lagos or book an appointment by calling 0818-802-4444 / 0815-802-4444.

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