DIY LOUNGE - Oatmeal For Natural Hair!

Oatmeal is much more than something we take for breakfast, oatmeal is a natural moisturiser and is very nourishing for natural hair!
Yeah! You read  right! (I am already laughing at all the side comments I would get).

 Hair benefits of oatmeal
- Oatmeal can act as an emollient and help thickens the hair!
- Oatmeal soothes itchy scalps and regular use can treat dry and itchy scalps, since oatmeal is a natural moisturiser.
- Oatmeal strengthens and maintains healthy hair length. Daily use can help with length retention and help attain hair goals.
- Oatmeal can help the elasticity of our hair,which helps prevent breakage.
- Oatmeal is super rich in vitamin B which allows for moisture retention.

          How to use Oatmeal for hair.
Ingredients ::
* 1/2 cup of oatmeal
* 1/2 cup of milk
* 3 tbs of olive oil.

# mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
# comb out you hair
# apply from root to tip
# leave in for 30 - 40 mins
# rinse out with warm water
# shampoo as usual.

If this is just to yucky for you or you think this is just a waste of a good breakfast during this recession, then you can consume your oatmeal regular and let it work it's magic from the inside!
I really think you should try this mask, especially If you have manipulated your hair a lot lately.

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