A lot of us confuse dry scalp for dandruff, while dandruff is caused by too much oil, dry scalp is caused by product build up, cold weather, using poor quality shampoo which strips the scalp of its natural oils and sometimes our diet.

 Symptoms of dry scalp
- itching
- whitish flakes that shed easily.

How to treat dry scalp
- apple cider vinegar rinse : doing this every other week would help restore  ph balance and help clarify build up.
- oil massage : massaging the scalp with  natural oils like extra olive virgin oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil is also a remedy for dry scalp.
- Natural hair mask : pampering your scalp often with healthy hair masks like yogurt hair masks can help hydrate and fight dry scalp.
- diet : changing your diet plan and eating healthy can change the condition of your scalp and hair for good.
- aloe Vera gel : aloe Vera gel is a natural soothing balm that can help with the itching and can also feed the scalp.

I hope you find this useful and I really hope you learnt a thing or two. Have a great week!

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