Confessions Of A Naturalista

We all try to make it look like we've got everything about this natural hair thing straight, when in reality we don't even have an idea of what we are doing. It's worse when you meet the goody two shoes and they make you just feel like you've been cruel to your hair! LOL.. Most times, its not that we don't want to do the pampering and all but 24 hours is barely enough and our hair isn't even number one on the list!
 You don't have to feel guilty or worry, you are not alone, in fact, today's post is all about those times we have been negligent, because at a particular time in our hair journey we all have been negligent.
I am going to start with my own confessions and I would like you to share yours.

1. I haven't used a satin bonnet in two months: I don't even know where it is right now. I always try but it ends up at the other end of the bed and after a while I just stopped using it altogether.
2. I can't remember the last time I deep conditioned or pampered my hair : I just started working on Saturdays too which makes my Sunday hectic, I wash, iron, go to church, sleep ( and I love sleep) and do a lot more on Sundays and my hair just has to take the back seat for now.

Please don't judge me, I know I need to be better but hey, it's just hair! I believe after months of pampering and caring for my hair, it should have my back this challenging time.
So, that's my confession, please share yours in the comment Section.

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