What's In Your Salon Bag?

Hello guys,
   I hope you are having a great weekend! On my last birthday, a friend gave me a salon bag, just because she got tired of me just using a random paper bag (covers face) and I have been excited over the fact that I have a cute bag and products to fill it with. Today, I thought I should share what and what I have in my salon bag right now.

 * Combs : Have you ever been to a salon where their combs are nothing to write home about, with the broken teeth and all? So, in order to avoid stories that touch, I carry mine to the salon.

* Shampoo : I love what creme of nature with argan oil shampoo does to my hair and I really do not want to know what brand the salon uses, I just want my own shampoo to be used for my hair.

* Shea Butter : Soul mate and Indian hemp hair cream are petroleum based but since most salons in my area thinks they have given your hair the VIP treatment by applying some Indian hemp cream and a vvip treatment by applying a tiny bit of shea butter, why shouldn't I carry my own around, so I can apply generously to my hair, if they wouldn't.

* Leave in and rinse out conditioners : I was in a natural hair salon few months back and i was charged almost twice the normal rate because they used the salon's conditioners. I don't know about you guys but things like that gets to me, so I have carried my conditioners around since that experience.

* Creme of nature hair color : I had my hair dyed at my last visit to the salon and the pack has just been in my bag ever since.

* Edge control hair gel : To put these edges in check!

* Coconut oil : I like oiling my edges and sides after every protective style and I love using castor oil or coconut oil.

Earpiece : I love having my earpiece with me just cause I don't like trace, soundcity or hiptv.

* Charger  : Oh! you all know what for.. who doesn't carry her's!

Those are the stuffs in my salon bag, what do you think is missing, what do you think is unneccessary and most especially WHAT'S IN YOURS?


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  1. I don't have a salon bag because I don't even go to salons anymore.

  2. You forgot to show us the main thing - the picture of the salon bag. I had to go and google salon bag, and saw so many conflicting images that I still don't know how a salon bag looks.

    1. I unconsciously was looking out to see the gifted bag.

  3. I do not have a salon bag or know about it either. I've been taking care of my mane myself since I decided to go natural some months back.

  4. In my salon bag, which happens to be whatever is handy at the moment. I have hair pins and conditioners, hair extensions and some snacks.


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