Tips for getting your man to take care of his Natural Hair

Hello Naturalistas,

We would all agree that majority of the men do not pay too much attention to the health of their hair. There are a few of them that are very particular about the grooming of their hair and making sure they don't miss a salon appointment and we give kudos to them. However, this is for you who wants to help your man or the men in your life take better care of their hair.

Their routine is wash the hair when taking a shower - with whatever bath soap you use - dry your hair with your towel and use a hair cream, comb, done. When I first got married, I noticed that my husband's hair was not healthy at all. He had breakage whenever he combed his hair in the morning and it was something he noticed too.

First thing I did, Solve his problem; I had preached on how he needed to take better care of his hair but he still didn't really come on board with the whole thing but when I told him what to do, just to solve his hair shedding problem and he saw it was working, he became open to changes.

Introduces little changes without complication; I started with buying him a shampoo that doubled as a shower gel, that way, he doesn't have to have special "Hair products" to complicate anything. Then I went ahead to helping him understand why he needed to use oils on his hair as against just some random "cream". Little by little, he started using oils and making changes. Don't overwhelm him or complicate things.

Let him have a say over what products he wants; We know you are the expert on natural hair, but don't insist he uses a product that he doesn't like how it smells or how it looks.

Notice the change and compliment it; Yes! They are big on compliments too. When His hair started growing and receding hairline filling up, I made sure to mention it every time there was an opportunity to do so.

With this steps over the last one year, I have gotten my man to take better care of his hair and believe it or not, we now share a spray bottle because he now wants to lock in the moisture. Yay! Remember, at the end of the day it's all about healthy natural hair.

What have you done to get your man to take care of his Natural hair? 


  1. HAHA, mine does more than me. Talking about his special hair cream and whatnot.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. hehe they usually catch on board once they see how soft their hair has become after using one or two things i suggest. I always compliment on that. These are great tips.

  3. Nice tip.
    My hubby is currently rocking the bald trend.
    I am focusing all the attention on my son who has a low cut natural hair.

  4. Wow. I remember when you just started with him, lol. I really need these tips o. My husband is big on hair too, so I need to work on him.


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