Regrowing bald patches on the scalp

Two weeks ago, I noticed something on my right temple. It looked like a bald patch, but I wasn't so sure

I had my second didi on but I wasn't exposing it like I did last time around. I wasn't in the country and I didn't want my hair to be heavily manipulated while I was out of town. I also didn't want to do braids so I opted for didi, which I hid under a braided wig.

After about a week out of town, I noticed that a part of my temple seemed strange. It was particularly itchy, flaky and smooth but I couldn't be too sure.

When I got back home, I took out my didi and I confirmed it.

Yes, I had a bald patch

It wasn't noticeable to people looking at me at first glance cos my edges are generally full. Only someone conversant with her hair and a good stylist would know it's a patch.

First of all, the hair around my edges are extremely soft, fine and curly so it is not as strong

I began to wonder what triggered the patch

The possible scenarios were

  1. I was wearing the wig on a wig cap, which is cotton. Even though I moisturised my hair regularly, the edge of the wig was rubbing around my own edges, and the friction wasn’t good for my hair, especially in the cold weather
  2. The weather was cold and I had dry scalp so my scalp had been flaking from the get go. The flakes were a lot and my scalp was itchy so it's possible that it was as the point of removing the flakes and scratching that the hair around that part came off
  3. I went through severe stress in August and even worse in September. We underestimate how stress can affect our health, and have a resultant bad effect on our hair. The effect of the stress usually doesn't show up until few weeks or months after the stressful period 

It's one of these things above or a combination of two or three of them that would have resulted in my patch.

So what I plan to do to make it grow back is nothing serious. I'll just keep on with a healthy hair care regimen. Thankfully, I don't have to use the wig and wig cap cos I'm back in town. I will try not to put myself through any stress. I'm sure this would solve the problem.

I don't know how long it will take to fill up but I will be monitoring it.

Have you ever had a patch before, even though your hair was healthy? How did you combat it, and how long did it take?


  1. Will love to know you would take care of this.
    I've had patches..small ones. I used JBCO massages to stand to the areas. It did grow(can't say for how long) but after a while another would arise somewhere else.
    I don't do tiny braids or GH weavings.. I think the culprit in my case is either the moderate size braids I do sometimes and the itching around my edges.

    1. Hmm, patches reappearing??? Maybe you should check your stress level, before it gets more serious.


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