Myths About Dandruff

The only thing that spreads faster than a disease are the myths and lies that surround it. I remember the Ebola pandemic and how people that sold salt made so much money because it was rumoured to cure the deadly disease.
We have heard and read all sorts about dandruff, its causes and how it can be treated. Some of us believe a lot of the myth inspired treatment without it curing anything!
Today, we are going to expose some of these myths,so you can rest easy or at most look beyond the myths for a lasting and working solution.

1. Washing your hair daily gets rid of dandruff.
Big Lie! Washing your hair everyday without doing the LOC or LCO could leave your scalp irritated and dry which makes your scalp even prone to dandruff.
2. Dandruff is contagious
Dandruff is a scalp disease not a cold or std! Dandruff is not contagious in anyway! You are at risk of getting dandruff, if only you haven't been treating you scalp well. So, you had better stop avoiding or giving that young lady the " don't come close" attitude just cause she has dandruff.
3. Your hair breaks because you have dandruff.
Unhealthy scalp, stress or poor diet are the major causes of breakage and not dandruff! I am not saying dandruff can't cause your hair to shed but I'm saying it's impossible for dandruff to be the only factor responsible for your breakage!
4. Dry scalp is the major reason for dandruff.
Dry scalp has very little to do when it comes to dandruff because dandruff is caused by a fungal growth on the scalp.
5. Dandruff is only in the air during harmattan.
We suffer from dandruff due to lots of factors, most especially our hair and scalp hygiene. So whether it's the harmattan, dry or rainy season, if you do not have a good hair hygiene, you get a visit from this fungal affliction soon.

These are a few myths that I know but I am very sure lots of us have got plenty especially in the cure department , please do not be afraid or too stingy to share.

Have a great week!!!

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  1. People generally call all scalp issues dandruff.
    I can't wait to read what cures are available. Sadly mine dandruff is making a come back.

  2. Well I won't deny it. I used to think you can catch dandruff by sharing a comb with someone who has it.

  3. What about dandruff makes ur hair grow, we believe that a lot while in primary school and even up to junior secondary school

  4. All your myths are accurate. I love the opening statement. Another myth is that all white flake on the scalp are dandruff. There are so many scalp disorders very similar to dandruff, but are actually worse than dandruff. It's very good to always get a proper diagnosis.


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