How do you deal with negative natural hair comments ?

Hey guys,
 I am sure almost all, if not all naturalistas have met one or two people that have got a thing or two to say about our hair! Sometimes we get compliments and other times we get very rude comments. If we are lucky, most of these rude comments are just side talk and some "nice" people would not say them to your face but if you are unlucky to meet the not so nice ones or rude ones that just say it to you straight up then you are left in an uncomfortable or awkward situation like I was in, on Wednesday.
 Before I start with my story, I want to give a standing ovation for all those naturalistas that just stare, smile or ignore people with negative comments about their hair, you guys are the real MVP. Oh! to my story, I was in a bus on Wednesday, i was seated in the front seat with my pineapple fro in all its glory for the world (danfo world) to see and admire.
 I was really feeling confident and good about my fro cause prior to boarding the bus , I had gotten lots of compliments and some nods of approval, I hadn't even settled into my front seat when a lady in her mid 30's sitting directly behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said ''sister shift front abeg , make breeze no come dey blow your hair inside my mouth''!
 I apologized, sat forward and regretted apologizing almost immediately cause firstly, she was rude and secondly, she had just embarrassed me. I sat still and was seriously praying for her to just say something else so i could at least give her the attitude rude people like her deserve . I had not even finished composing my comeback when she started going on about how people claim to be ''SU"' and would not use relaxer but color their hair  and how most of these people are just pretenders.
  For me, that was just just the last straw! I sat back, rested my back on my seat and waited for her to say something! She shouted angrily this time , asked me to move forward or cover my hair, I was so furious, I turned around and said to her, Madam abeg close your mouth and stop showing us how shallow you really are!
It felt good but I felt bad almost immediately and i just couldn't wrap my head around her level of ignorance, Well, that's my encounter with somebody that had something rude to say about my hair, do you think I overreacted or acted accordingly ?
 We all must have one, if not more of these encounters, how did you manage yours? Were you patient or tolerant like most people say on mane matters or did you lose it like me (lol) please share!

       Have A Great Week

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  1. That was so rude of her. I think she is just an angry person from the sound of things.

    In the past I choose between responding or ignoring depending on my mood.

  2. Blessings....
    two words. YOU DON'T.
    One thing you must realize is that your time and attention is precious and should be shared with those you hold dearest. Their issue with your hair is their issue not yours. You just keep it moving and don't expend your precious time and energy on negative people and their unsolicited comments.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore

    1. I really tried to be polite and just ignore her but she wouldn't just stop!

  3. I have no chill o,I'm sure I would have given her a thorough bath with my words. The worse part is those who make these comments have terribly damaged hair always under not for colouring natural hair but every one is free to do whatever they want to do with their hair.

    1. What do you have against colored natural hair!

    2. I don't have anything against it,it's just something I'm sure I won't do because of the extra care it needs and it's still chemical so I fear that the hair will still get damaged.

    3. Exactly! I would have given her a thorough dressing down. I also had the same thought that underneath her weave or braids her hair was probably in a really bad shape.

  4. Eish what a stinky attitude! Well i've never really had anyone upright give me a nasty comment about my hair. I don't know how i would deal with it, but i guess i would try to make it a learning opportunity for them and expose their ignorance to themselves. People often leave enlightned after talking to me about hair.

  5. That was so rude of her.
    I think you did fine. It isn't easy to stay calm when such happens.
    Personally, I will just ignore her. No time for trashy talk with a trashy person.

  6. I feel so bad to say this, but I think she deserved it. Ahn ahn. Why is it paining her? It's obviously transferred frustration.


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