6 Times Yagazie Emezi Gave Us Hilarious Natural Hair Videos

Hello, everyone!

The other time, I was scrolling through my YouTube app when I stumbled on Yagazie Emezi's latest video. While I was still mulling over the length of that video, I didn;t know when I fell into the rathole that is YouTube. Before I knew it, I was watching one video after the other. It didn;t help that the videos were so short, I had to satisfy my curiosity.

Yagazie is hilarious. I don't know what y'all are watching but you need to see these videos plus her natural hair is equally awesome.

1. That time she was sick and tired of people associating her hair to genetics.

2. Then she gave us an idea of what her typical wash day looks like. The best tbh!

3. Some product reviews were also in order

4. And an actual tutorial on her signature yarn braids

5. But people wouldn't stop touching her hair.

6. Eventually, she had to pick another hairstyle.

I had so much fun watching these videos. It was such a stress reliever and I hope you do too.

Love, coils and curls.
Ebun Oluwole


  1. But her hair is lovely and really what did she expect, that people would not be tripped over it?
    She has a beautiful soul.

  2. Her hair is really lovely and she is straight to the point.

  3. I could only watch the first one cos of time. I like the nature of her videos, cos its like she's just gisting with her friend, and not all presenter-ish, lol.


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