Transitioning Corner: Protective styling

Hello Transitioners,

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? Finally, in my series I would be talking about one of my favourite things to do; Protective style. I love having various options of what to add to my hair to 'protect' it.

Bantu Knot Out.

My go-to protective styles are; Bantu Knot and knot out, yarn locs, yarn braids, turbans, braids. The reason these are my go-to styles is because I still have the flexibility to take care of my new growth by keeping it moisturised. We're all about healthy hair. I make sure to spray my hair everyday while it is in a protective style and deep condition after I take it down.

Turban Styles:

Yarn Locks: This I take down after 6 weeks regularly

Crochet Braids: This I take down after 4 weeks

Yarn Braids: This is what I currently have on and the maximum I can keep the hair for is 6 weeks.

Challenges: The challenges I have with protective styling are;

1. Not having option of styles to do with my own hair.
2. White flakes that you find only on the edges of your hair.

If you have suggestions for me, please, let me know. Now, over to you.

What are your go-to protective styles? How long do you keep the hair and how do you take care of your hair when it's in these styles?


  1. Lovely pictures, love the yarn braids and bantu knot out on you.

  2. We finally see the face behind the series. Niccee


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