How Often Should I Wash My Child's Natural Hair

Recently, I got asked by a mother regarding how often to wash her three daughters' natural hair.

My response to her:

 You wash their hair as needed and also according to their lifestyle. For example, I wash my hair once a week with shampoo and might cowash [conditioner-wash] mid week if I had a rigorous workout session.  With my kids, I can do every two weeks in the winter, but summer time. we wash more due to sweating, swimming, and other activities that might cause their hair to get dirty quicker.

The time varies from one person to the next. It also does depend on their scalp condition. For some people, they need to wash more frequently unless, they might develop dandruff or other scalp irritation.  My one suggestion is to start once a week, for a while, then move to every two weeks and see how it goes. They say, your scalp will tell you... if you see them itching, it could be time to wash.

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  1. I follow you on youtube. I was looking for someone with my type of hair and watching your transitioning vidoes you had my exact hair, but then your grew full and dark and bouncy lol. Thank you for all your tips mama. Angel

  2. The view from some of YouTube apply. I think the hair is no solution to the problem to see if YouTube.

  3. That's the best advice you can give to her.

  4. washing 3 kids' hair weekly would be very demanding for me. God help me.


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