DIY LOUNGE - My Moisturizing Hair Cream Story

Two weeks ago I needed to make my hair urgently and a friend of mine referred me to a salon which she thought does magic with natural hair. Excited about her review, I headed for the salon to get my two strand twist done, while fantasizing on how "dope" I would look with my popping natural hair and on-point make up.
 Getting to the salon, It was crowded and I thought it was a good sign, it could not have been this busy here if Taibat was exaggerating! Waiting was tiring but then again anything good is worth waiting for. After all, the chairs in the waiting area were comfy and thankfully their dstv was actually subscribed (lol).
 Finally, it was my turn and the stylist that attended to me was so pleasant, I asked how much it would cost me to get a two strand twist, she said 4 thousand Naira with their special hair moisturizing cream ( which was suppose to make my twist-out really defined or something ) and 3 thousand without it.
My jaw dropped, if it were to be in a cartoon, this would be the time , i would be picking my teeth off the ground and trying to push my jaw back into place.
All eyes were on me and i needed to get my hair done that evening, besides hospitality has been on point , so i decided to do the 4 thousand Naira one, mainly because I was curious about the moisturizing cream.
 I was surprised when she brought out the cream and the jar wasn't labelled! Hmm mm! Smart people, I asked the stylist the name of the product and if they sell, she said it has no name and its a personal recipe which isn't for sale , but  I just had to know, asides that it would be great to share on the blog, 4 or 3 thousand naira is alot of money to spend on two strand twist.
 I wanted to smell the cream but the girl wouldn't let me, so immediately she applies it on my hair, i touch and smell my finger, (they wont sha tell me not to smell my own hair).after doing this a few more time and looking crazy i think i got the recipe and i would be sharing and mixing it here on my next DIY post.

SIDE BAR : Do you guys also think all these natural hair salons are just ripping us off! Jeez, two strand twist is just normal local twisting with a "funkified" name .Somebody has got to tell them to calm it down..

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  1. Lol @ looking crazy and yes, I think natural hair salons are overpriced. I know service there is great but come on, 4000 naira for twists without adding extensions?

  2. Twists in most salons are expensive, whether natural or not. The first and only time I really twisted my hair in a salon was in 2010. My natural hair was still short then, and it was N3000, so freaking expensive for that time. My hair loosed a week later due to its texture. That was the last time I twisted my hair in a salon. I started making my twists myself since then.

    So no not just natural salon. Making twists everywhere is pricey,

  3. The area where I stay...its not pricey at all...just my local hairdresser. Though I twist my hair myself most of the time cos my hair wouldn't be handled the way I want.

    1. I was going to say the same thing.. it's just #400 in my area ,with extensions it's about #2500.

    2. Mine is abt half your amount.

  4. Even twisting with extensions is not upto 4k.

  5. Fabulous post! It is awesome to read it. I am very caring for my hair and your blog is helpful for me in several ways. Superb! Thanks to share.



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