DIY LOUNGE - Avocado Hair Mask

Last week, we all agreed avocados are good for our natural hair. So, today on DIY LOUNGE we would be making avocado hair mask.

- 1 ripe Avocado : for moisture and repair of damaged hair.
- 2 tbs Olive oil   :  to protect the hair from damage.
- 3 tbs Honey      : help the hair strands retain moisture and strengthens the scalp.

- Scoop the avocado fruit from its skin into a bowl and mash till you get rid of all lumps

- Add 2 tbs of olive oil and mash some more.

- Add your honey and mash till you get a smooth paste.
Finished Product

* Apply the hair mask onto your wet hair, paying attention to your roots and ends.
* Cover with a shower cap and allow the mask to sit for an hour.
* Rinse well, making sure you get rid of all the mask in your hair.
* Shampoo and condition as usual.

PS: Mine is all lumpy because my avocado was not so ripe and  I tried getting rid of the lumps but they just would not leave. Learn from my mistake and make sure you use an over ripe avocado.

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  1. I've done this mask before, just that I used coconut oil, not olive oil. Really good.

  2. I have only one avocado left and it's a big struggle between my stomach and hair.i trust I will make the right decision.

  3. I be been using this and the result is amazing

  4. Avocado hair mask is always my go-to-diy dc. The reult afterwards is amazeball. Soft and manageable hair. Junofe thanks each time i use it on her.

  5. Avocado goodness....not tried this on my hair yet...just my


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