Throwback To That Time Genevieve Magazine Featured Three Naturalistas On Their Cover

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you but I'm so glad that natural hair is finally seeping into mainstream media such that it is gradually becoming a beauty standard of sorts.

Just last week, popular lifestyle magazine, Genevieve released their July issue. The cover featured four picture-perfect female celebrities - Mo'Cheddah, Beverly Naya, Adesua Etomi and Sika Osei - in what was tagged, Fearlessly Female. 

Although, the cover received a bit of backlash which was due to some of the quotes used but the most striking thing and perhaps the ONLY think I saw, was HAIR! 

3 NATURAL HAIR CELEBRITIES on one cover? It has never happened before.

What made me even more excited was that we had previouly featured two of these celebrities on our site so it wasn't like they were using faux- hair even though I spot a bit of extentions. But that is completely normal. Also, they were styled by Tasala HQ - a leading salon which also specializes in natural hair.

This cover gave me so much joy. I thought, 'Finally, natural hair is finally being recognized and I'm so here for it'  I know a few occasions where some celebrities have had to wear wigs and I kept wondering, 'why weren't they allowed to wear their hair or were they too lazy to hire a natural hair stylist that they just used a wig?'

Anyways, we welcome this new development with open arms and we hope it's the beginning of better things to come such that our natural hair stylists will be empowered and given the recognition they deserve.

What do you guys think about the covr? 

Love, curls and coils


  1. I love the cover.....looks glam.

  2. LOVE IT!!! I saw it on IG - I should definitely repost it.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. They look so beautiful. We don't need wigs especially not afro wigs we have beautiful natural hair.

  4. BeYouTifull!!!

    In order gbeborun, what caused the backlash, please?


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