DIY LOUNGE - Our Natural Hair Loves Avocados

Avocados also known as alligator pear ( because of its shape and skin) are produced commercially by the United states, Brazil and Colombia. They are very high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin k, B and also very rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Avocados have lots of health, skin and hair benefits but we will be focusing on its hair benefits, so you would have to read up the rest on your own.

               HAIR BENEFITS OF AVOCADO...

- treats damaged hair.
- gives moisture to dry hair.
- heals the scalp
- helps fight split ends
- adds shine
- re-energizes the scalp.


- using mashed avocado pear as a deep conditioning treatment helps improve the health of your hair.
- massaging avocado hair mask into your scalp adds luster and shine to dry hair.
- applying a mixture of mashed avocados and olive oil into your hair before shampooing can turn your hair from looking rough to looking smooth and fine.

Avocados asides being sweet to our taste buds is also sweet to our hair and scalp. Come next week, we would be making avocado hair mask on DIY LOUNGE and this post is just to boost your morale. So, it wont get comments like "cool but I am not a diy person", and I am trusting that none of you is going to give excuses not after reading what you hair stands to gain. So, get READY!!!!

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  1. I've used mashed avocados like 2 or 3 times. I got so mad that I couldn't eat such goodness that I stopped. Now, my avocado are used for my stomach only, lol.

  2. I've used avocado only once. Used it after conditioning which was a mistake, now I know better. I actually have a tree close to where I stay this year it produced only for a month.. I was so sad.

  3. Whenever I see an avocado pear....I think of my stomach and my stomach


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