African Naturalistas Hall of Fame - June 2016

Hi Ladies. How's the month of July going so far? June seemed to speed by. Maybe the year couldn't wait to complete it's first half. We hope you are fulfilled so far. We say a big thank you to you all for your loyalty.

Thank you for your consistency, and for that, we dedicate the column to appreciate the people below. They are the ones who made it tops to the African Naturalistas Hall of Fame.

Thank you Ogechi Godwin, Ebun Esther, Tonkabelle, Francisca Omoja, and Natural hair products 566bbc84.

Thank you for your loyalty, readership, and consistency in commenting. Our blog blows kisses to you. We hope you catch it, lol.

And with that said, we all at African Naturalistas stand up, hold our heads high, and do a cheerleading flip for our African Naturalistas Hall of Fame Star for the month of June

Baby Cheerleader

Congratulations to Ebun Esther. You promised us you would do it, and you did it. Thanks for your daily visits, readership and comments. We really appreciate your presence. Here's your official badge. You can upload it on all your social media platforms, blog, and even as a blog widget.

You have won the bragging rights for a whole month, and African Naturalistas Shampoo and Conditioner. Please send your delivery address and phone number to

We have wrapped it up for June. Only you determines who appears on the African Naturalistas Hall of Fame for the month of July. Remember the rating drops and increases everyday, and you can be the star of next month's African Naturalistas Hall of Fame.


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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