8 Times Ade Balogun of Locitude inspired our loc-goals!

Hello everyone!

I've probably told every loc-head that cares to listen that I'll be joining them soon. Every since I began my natural hair journey, I've secretly desired to loc my hair. But because I was entering a completely new territory, I've pushed my loc-goals aside until further notice. Well, until I have figured out and made sense of the entire natural hair business. Now, that I have, I'm reluctant to take the plunge. Just like the Big Chop, it requires some mental preparation and I don't think I'm ready for that just yet. Also, I would like to see my waist length hair first.

But in the meantime, I'll keep admiring them from afar.

This week, we have the incredibly sweet Ade Balogun, the Chief Loc Officer at Locitude Enterprise and the convener of Loc Appreciation Day in Nigeria. I've met a on a few occasions and every time I admire her hair, she tells me I should come when I'm ready.  I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day and I realized that we've never really featured her on the blog.

Well, I'm about to fix that.

Ade's locs are 6 years and 7 months old with a 4c texture and colour 1b. As much as we care about all the details of her regimen and whatnot, (Elizabeth, fix up) we're here for her progress pictures.

So, here are EIGHT times she made us want to take a trip to her studio.

1 year 3 months

2nd year

3rd Year
3rd year

4th Year
4th year

4 Years & 4 Months
4years 4 months


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ade balogun locitude bnfrofriday bellanaija june 2016DSC_0909_

ade balogun locitude bnfrofriday bellanaija june 2016Me_

Can I just saw that I absolutely love progress pictures. In times of doubt and despair, they are there to show us how far we have come and to remind us that our hair is actually growing. 

Ade's locs are gorgeous! I love they're intricately styled with attention to details. It just makes me desire them even more. 

For more of Ade's timeline photos, visit her blog and if you want more information about her locs, go here until we feature her on Mane Matters.

Also, because I'm nice and all, if you're a lochead and have been thinking of combing out your locs instead of cutting them off, this video is all the inspiration and help you need.

Oh yes! You can comb out your locs. 

So, over you.

Do you have long-term loc-goals like me?

Share it me!

Love,coils and curls


  1. hmmmm.... it looks adorable bt dats one thing I dnt knw if I wud do

  2. Looks very nice but I don't think I want to loc my hair.

  3. One day Ebun, you and I shall be loc heads!

    1. Lol @loc heads sounds like an idiomatic expression for 2 people arguing/fighting.

  4. Her locs are beautiful. Wouldn't want to lock my hair because I love changing my look

  5. Least I forget. I read about a woman that unlocked her hair. It took a month with someones help and she has to use a fork

  6. Thanks for sharing Ade has lovely hair, I never knew it was really possible to merely comb out locs.


    1. It is my dear.....as seen in youtube.

    2. But there will most likely be a lot of shed hair accumulated from over time

    3. Yesso.....more than fist size depending on how long the hair was locked.

  7. Thanks for the feature, I wonder how I get to miss these things when they happen. On the other hand I don't think I will ever comb out my locs. My locs are now 7 years and hovering around waist length, when I decided to let them go it will be a big chop.


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