8 Photos That Prove Pepper Chikezie's Natural Hair Is Glorious

Hello, everyone!

The first time I saw Yoanna Pepper Chikezie was on a panel at Social Media Week 2016 in February. The first thing that drew me to her from the front row was her thick, luscious natural hair. Not many media girls in Nigeria are brave enough to pull it off. Even on that panel, she stood out effortlessly. Of course, I had to go look for her and see more of her glorious mane.

Pepper is a mother of two and the Creative Content Creator and Channel Manager of Spice TV Africa. Perhaps, the most striking thing about her hair is the length and thickness which shows that she has been growing her hair for a long time.

Anyways, here are eight times her hair dazzled us.

1. That time when she looked laidback in this mustard number.

A photo posted by Pepper Chikezie (@pepper_zie) on

 2. This chunky twist-out is stunning!

3. She looked so good, he had to check her out. 

A photo posted by Pepper Chikezie (@pepper_zie) on

4.  See that shine!

5. A low-puff is sometimes a good idea.

6. HAIR!

7. And some protective style. 

A photo posted by Pepper Chikezie (@pepper_zie) on

8. And another one.  

A photo posted by Pepper Chikezie (@pepper_zie) on

Clearly, she isn't very versatile in the styling department and that's fine. If I had her length, I would wear my hair in braid-outs and twist-outs ALL THE TIME!

So, 4c goals or what?

Love,coils and curls


  1. Oh I love the length and thickness of her hair.
    Wht generation will my hair get to be lit like hers *Now wailing *

    1. Lol....it will get there, gradually.

    2. Just make sure your hair is healthy, you will see length in time


    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. The hair is really glorious!!!

  4. Her hair is making mine look like a complete joke


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