Washing My Natural Hair with Black Tea Rinse and Rice Water Rinse

Natural Hair Wash Day Routine using Black Tea Rinse and Rice Water Rinse

Earlier this year, I share with African Naturalistas how I make my rice water rinse. Read here Today, I will show you how I incorporate it along with Black Tea Rinse in my weekly wash day routine.

Watch below or click here

Have you ever used Black Tea Rinses or Rice Water Rinses in your hair?
Stay beautiful! 💖

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  1. I always keep wandering... rice water....hmm😵

    1. Done black tea I even advice people to do it. Rice water is next, Dear hair get ready

    2. Give it a try. I have been using it for several months and love it!!

  2. I've done the black tea rinse but not the rice water. Not yet at least.

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