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Hello Naturalistas,

Ramadan Mubarak to all our muslim Naturalistas in the house!

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 Today, we're going to be looking at how to care for your hair as a naturalista that wears Hijab. Here are a few tips for you!

Don't tie wet hair; There might be a temptation for you to tie your hair while is wet especially if you are in a rush. This is causing more damage to your hair as it known for causing damage to your roots,. It is important that you give your hair room to dry before you tie it for the day.

Don't tie your hair too tight; Your hair is contantly being pulled back, tying too tightly puts your edges at risk of traction alopecia. Try to tie your hair looser more times during the week. You can also do more protective styles that don't pull your edges tightly more often.

Sit in the sun; NOOOOO! I don't mean that exacly! Since, you your hair can't get some sunlight, how about you let the sunlight in when you are in your home? Open up the curtains and blinds and let the rays in. Your hair needs the vitamin ;)

Trim hair regularly; Don't forget to schedule your trims and get rid of those split ends. The health of your hair is still very important.

Opt for Satin underscarf; For the larger part of your day you'd have a scarf on, you want to make sure its a silk or satin scarf. It helps you retain moisture & gentle on your edges.

Wash underscarves often;  For the most part of the day, your hair is under on, you want to make sure it is always clean. I am sure you would have several options which would help.

Open your hair; Whenever you have the opportunity and privacy allows, do open your hair. Let it breathe and take in some hair. Run your hands through your hair, give your scalp a good massage to allow blood circulation. Your scalp will thank you for it.

What tips did I miss? What other tips do our hijabis put into practice? 


  1. Hi,
    Looking forward to reading more...

  2. I really didn't know about the whole do not tie wet hair. I always dry my hair in twists and it takes forever so I just scarf up. Now I know better

    1. Hi Ebun. How come you are a muslim, and your name is Esther. Just curious though.

  3. Please My silk underscaarf is always slippery on my hair. My scarf almost fell off one day. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Ebun, Yeah. The silk scarfs are always slippery, However I would recommend you pin it well to avoid it falling off and exposing your hair.

  4. Tomi, this is really educative. I hope more muslims get to see this.


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