Introducing African Naturslistas Anti-Breakage Butter Lotion

As we all know, the only thing constant in life is change. And all the better, if the change is for the better.

At African Naturalistas, we have been making series of changes, which we would be announcing one after the other in the coming weeks. It would be nice for you to keep your eyes on this space, so you don't miss out.

And the first to be announced in this series of change is that we have phased out our Moisturising Butter Cream (Lavie life, Sweet Rosie, and Minty Jazz).

We are are sure you must have suspected that this was going to happen because it never went through the rebranding process like our other products.

In place of this, we have rolled out our new and creamy Anti-breakage butter lotion.

Not to brag, but you should really try this lotion. It's super creamy you almost want to eat it. And really moisturising. It is highly effective, if we must say so ourselves. The ingredients were chosen with your needs in mind which is majorly moisture, length retention (no breakage), sufficient emollients, sealant, amongst many other things.

Give it a try, and you would agree with us. You can purchase our Anti-breakage butter lotion and other products on or just simply click here.

Once you try them, let us know. We would love to have your testimonials.


  1. Change is good for sure...will give a review when I lay my hands on it

  2. Nice improvement. Please, I will suggest that you guys make provision for 1litre size lotions (shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner) rather than 250ml and 2 litres

    1. Hmm... Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it.


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