How Do You Decide To Buy A Natural Hair Product?

Hello everyone!

At the just concluded Naija Hair Can Grow salon day out over the weekend, Natural Nigerian gave an insightful talk about Buying Nigerian Products to grow the naira. About how the African Hair industry is worth $1B and Nigerians are responsible for about 46% of that figure. Mind-boggling is if you ask me.

Anyway, she went on to give reasons why we should patronize Nigerian brands in order to empower ourselves as Nigerians and basically just fix our economy which is in shambles at the moment.

During the talk, I had a conversation with Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door and Kanyinsola Vera Cruz the Tricologist about the quality of products these brands are pushing out. They basically just agreed with me that there should be a standard of sorts. A mean, anyone can make products these days but who is putting these guys in check? Who is making sure they aren't just taking advantage of the current gap in the industry to make money?

This is where the issue of reviews come in. Every time I attend an hair- related event - and I attend most of them except the private exclusive ones - there are almost always new vendors springing out of nowhere. Now, this is a good thing. My question is how do you decide to patronize these brands? Is it as a result of their ingredient list, fancy packages and labels or what?

Personally, I buy based on reviews. Even if it is one person, I need someone to guarantee that my hair wouldn't fall off after application. Usually, when I don't get feedback, I go online to make comparisons until I'm satisfied. Another thing that might grab my attention is probably that unique ingredient in the product that isn't in EVERY hair butter or conditioner. That inconspicuous ingredient might just be the USP. Did I mention that I also try to review every product I buy especially when I buy them mindlessly? Because, trust me, sometimes you might not find reviews especially when you desperately want to try the product.

So, I'm throwing the question back at you!

What parameters do you use to buy a natural hair product? Are you like me? Do you need reviews to buy a product?

Let's talk.

Love, curls and coils


  1. Good packaging and reviews do the trick for me. I'm not sure how I feel about buying Made-In-Nigeria products yet, the two times I tried it, the products were nothing to 'write home about'. Then the Made-In-Nigeria products I really would love to try are more expensive than the regular foreign ones I already use so I just stick to what already works for me.

    1. Hmm valid enough.

      We need to have an honest conversation about Made-in-Nigeria products.

  2. For me, availability, price and reviews guide me.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Truthfully I thought about this not long ago. Most reviews are of foreign products except a few hair bloggers in Nigeria so people tend to move In that direction. Lastly I think price comes in,If I see a Nigerian product for the first time without any review or insight and it's the same price as shea moisture lemme not lie,shea moisture all the way.

    1. Love your honesty!

      We need to do something about Nigerian product reviews.

    2. Thanks dear. You know we are name sakes right *big grin*

  4. for me.... good reviews ND a confirmation that it is worth trying.... proximity ND if it suits my type of hair also the price too... if it's far above what I can afford, I Jst leave it ND look for one that performs same function ND at a more affordable rate

  5. Reviews and ratings does it for me

  6. Hmmm. There are a lot of gaps in this post. As a cosmetic manufacturer, there are information I'm privy to. If you are talking about regulations, do you know foreign hair cosmetics are not regulated or standardised, as long as they are not medicated? It is a measure their government put in place so small businesses can thrive. Their logic is you don't regulate what is not poisonous or harmful in the first place.

    We empower these foreign brands, they grow stronger, use the money for more research, and develop more raw materials, which make them have even more options, while we are grappling for the left overs at the local market.

    The earlier we (including government) become wiser, the better for us all, including other sectors. There's more time won't permit me to say here.


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