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Hello ladies, it feels like ages ago since we were here.

All my weeks have been tied up in making my event a reality. Even the hairstyle for this edition was tied to the event.

So I went to the salon to take down the thread in this edition. Gosh, I rocked that hairstyle for 5 whole weeks, and it wasn't even that rough when I took it down. The whole world was screaming for me to remove it because it had stayed long on my head.

I purposely left it that long so I could have a fresh hairstyle for the event.

Off to the salon I went, to take down the style which had been on my hair for ages. Because of how long the hair had stayed, we had to detangle thoroughly with African Naturalistas Moisturising and Detangling conditioner.

We went on to wash with a medicated shampoo, to make sure my scalp was in good condition, and followed it up with a regular shampoo. After this, we proceeded to steam with African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise.

Omozo came in by this time, and we chose a style. I wanted a frohawk for the stage because I was avoiding any hairstyle that was too dressy, while Omozo wanted Puffy thread, so we agreed to combine the two.

One hour thirty minutes later, this was the result

I didn't want a front view picture because my face was mega oily.

Four days later, I wore the hair to the press conference of my event. I was surprised that it was still that neat, considering its frizzy nature.

And then the next day (five days later), I wore the hair for the purpose it was created.

My hair popping on stage

The next day, we had an after party for my fellow committee members and I rocked the hair again.

Yes, the hair served its purpose. Even though the event is over, and it's almost 2 weeks ago I did the hair, I haven't taken it down yet. See how it currently looks on my head.

I will carry it for one more week before taking it down.

Do you like this style? If yes, what about it do you like? What are your thoughts about frohawk combined with the dressy feel of Puffy Thread? Lemme have your thought in the comment section.

Hairstyle Lounge was brought to you by O'Naturals Salon. No money exchanged hands in making this lounge a reality. To make your hair at O'Naturals, visit the salon at 54 Ogudu road, Ogudu-Ojota Lagos or book an appointment by calling 0818-802-4444 / 0815-802-4444.


  1. the hair is beautiful ND it's quite creative..... but Wat I don't rili lyk is d puffy fro cus it requires lot of care to maintain so as Nt to change its looks

    1. True. I don't think I will do it again, cos it gets rough too fast, for my hair type, compared to other styles.

  2. You are literally the fro hawk slayer. I love your profile at the press event. When my edges decide to reciprocate my love I will surely try this

    1. Lol. Yes o. I believe, fro hawk really fits my head, though I prefer regular fro hawk to this one done in the puffy thread style. I think I am tired of the fro hawk. I won't be doing this anytime soon.

  3. Love the hairstyle it is versatile, and it also looks nice as it gets older.

    1. Thank youuuuu. Me I don't like the older version o. I prefer the neater version, lol.

  4. Nice hairstyle. It really looks nice on you


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