3 Alternative Methods To Cleanse Your Scalp

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Often when thinking about cleaning our scalp, we immediately think of shampooing and deep conditioning. What about those days when you really need a cleanse but you don't have enough time to clean it?  Alternatively what if the hairstyle you have can't really allow for washing? This post tackles that as I'm going to introduce to you three methods to clean your scalp with ease. 

1. ACV and cotton wool method

 Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Dip some cotton wool into the solution and strain off the excess solution. Proceed to gently rub your scalp. It will instantly refresh your skin and ward off the itchies. If you exercise regularly it is a great way to clean your scalp without having to do the full on wash day. Thanks to the cleansing properties of the vinegar, excess salts and waste from sweat are effectively dealt with.

2. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has started getting more attention of late because of it's instant cleansing and dirt absorption. Most come with easy instructions for use and storage.

3. Baby wipes

Yes baby wipes do more than wipe off your makeup or refresh your face. You can take the wipe and rub it into your scalp to gently remove dirt. Really effective for styles like cornrows as this method won't disturb your hair.

Now note that these are not permanent solutions and don't replace a full wash day. But they will tide you over till you can fully lather and rinse with no reservations.

I personally have tried methods 1 and 3, and often use method 1. 

Which of these methods have you tried, or would you want to try?


  1. Acv and water are my main G. This is why I love reading this blog I learn new things never knew about dry shampoo....... I obviously have to read more

  2. I have a question about baby wipes I feel like it has a drying effect...I really want to know since we know moisture is key

  3. tried one but den it was with spirit after reading Abt it's disadvantage, I stopped bt Hv Neva had of 2 ND 3

  4. I've tried method 3 before. You just have to be sure to rub gently so that you're not putting too much friction on your hair.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. I do cleanse with ACV once in a while.

  6. But isn't there minor astringent in baby wipes? I'd rather do the ACV method.


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