10 Reasons To Try a Shampoo Bar Today!

Hi Ladies! Happy Friday.

Two wash days ago I decided to try out a shampoo bar for my hair.

 This is a natural soap courtesy of Green Essentials Solutions which doubles up as a shampoo bar to clean your hair.
I was really happy about the lather, softness it left my hair with and that it contained no artificial ingredients, hardeners or harsh sulfates. It is made from coconut milk, coconut and palm oils, shea butter and lavender oil, just to name a few of the natural goodies it contains. I and my scalp are definitely in love with it!

So what are the benefits of using a shampoo bar?

  • All natural ingredients
  • Less additives and preservatives
  • Little or no chemical hardeners 
  • Naturally sulfate free
  • Convenient and easier to store and carry than your traditional bottle of shampoo
  • Because a shampoo bar is technically soap, it is made from the chemical reaction produced from combining fat and sodium hydroxide (saponification). Shampoo bars typaclly use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc, or natural butters as the fat component. This means your bar of shampoo is free of the harsh detergents that compose ordinary bottled shampoos
  • Your shampoo bar also has less chemicals than your average liquid shampoo which requires more additives to keep your all the ingredients (solution, oils, emulsifiers etc) from separating and preserved.
  • Because shampoo bars contain mainly natural ingredients, they are free from artificial dyes and frances which may aggravate the scalp of eczema, sebhorric dermatitis and scalp psoriasis sufferers. Meaning they are great alternatives for that category of heads
  • Being oil and butter based, a shampoo bar will gently cleanse and moisturise without leaving your hair stripped
  • You don't have to use the whole bar at once. You can simply cut off a piece for use and store the remainder until later. This will make it last longer and save on your cash as well!
As you know me, i'll catch you next week with some cons of using a shampoo bar. As with every story, there are two sides. 

Do you use shampoo bars or have you considered using one for your hair?


  1. I've been considering getting a shampoo bar - one of my friends owns a beauty line but I haven't decided yet.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Please I need some of your friends in my life. The ones with beauty lines

  2. I think for me the advantage of the bar is that it touches the scalp as oppose to the liquid that may touch the hair.

  3. I have used Dudu Osun and it actually great on my hair.


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