This salon is changing the conversation around Natural Hair in the workplace with the #NaturalisProfessional campaign

Hello everyone!

We all know how a lot of our workplaces are still trying to come to terms with accepting natural hair as the status quo. Well, this natural hair salon in the Bahamas is changing the conversation with a campaign they have declared #NaturalisProfessional.

According to Carol-Lynn Taylor, the owner of Happy Hair Boutique, “the goal is to illustrate to our public that natural hair is accepted in the workplace and more notably in the professional environment.”  We couldn't agree more.

The whole idea of the campaign is to encourage women who wear their hair natural but do not feel comfortable or supported in the work place by showing examples of women who do. Taylor further added that, “It is an important part of educating and changing the mindset to where natural hair is not viewed as inferior to any other hair type. Most of all it is important to demonstrate that how one wears their hair does not influence ability or competence, as professionals in all fields rock their natural and rock their careers.”

See some of the campaign photos below.

Can I just say that I absolutely love the idea behind this campaign. I wish it was something we could do here. A collaboration here and there. A lot of employers need the paradigm shift. We've done enough talking. Now, we need to show them. Maybe, just maybe things would change.

Although, the campaign originated from the Bahamas, Taylor is inviting everyone around the world to take part with the hashtag #NaturalisProfessional on Instagram and Facebook.

Will you be sharing?

For more on this, visit here

Love, coils and curls.


  1. This is so cool.....#naturalisprofessional.

  2. hmmm....dats rili a stepping stone to success

  3. Wonderful idea. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is really good. We need to keep creating awareness. I'm sure it would be better in the next 2 years, because even bosses are beginning to go natural, lol.

    1. hehehe! Yes o. Or their wives are natural. It's becoming more acceptable.


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