Natural hair benefits of mango seed oil

I am one of the people who believes mangoes would definitely be served in heaven (yes! There are others who hold this thought). I love mangoes , I love the size,shape ,color,taste, smell and everything else there is about it.
I also love that it does a lot for me health wise and as if those aren't enough reasons to be blown away by this fruit, I found out last month it even has some hair benefits..
Mango does wonders for our natural hair not in its fruity state but in its oil form which is called "the mango seed oil".
Mango seed oil is a seed oil obtained from the seed of mangoes.
     Benefits of mango oil for natural hair.
_ serves as a great hair conditioner
_ prevents hair loss and Greg hair.
_ treats and fights dandruff
_ boost hair shine
_ because of its richness in saturated fats, mango seed oil penetrates the hair cuticles better than other oils, thereby fortifying the hair from within.
_ helps seal in moisture.
_ treats dry and damaged hair.

I hope this write up motivates you enough to start eating some mangoes and saving the seeds cause we would be needing them for our diy nextweek!

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  1. That very hard seed??? I can't wait for the post that says how to turn it to oil.

  2. Like you read my thought...was just about to ask how to get mango seed oil or make it. Looking forward to your post!

  3. Yay! I eat so many mangoes; about time I did something with the seeds.

  4. Wow, cool! You would be making mango seed oil. Hi five.

  5. we're waiting for mango seed oil DIY... ;)


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