How to Know if a Product is Working for Your Child's Natural Hair

How to know if a product is working for your child's natural hair discoveringnatural african naturalistas
By DiscoveringNatural
As I was saying good night to my oldest daughter last night, she asked me this question: "How do I know if a product is working for my hair?" You see, over the years, I have been teaching my girls how to care for their hair. Click here to see them in action.

Here is my answer to her and I know that it can also help you with your hair as well as your child's natural hair.

What is the Purpose of the Product?
On all products, there is a purpose given to that product. Look at the product below and focus on the red circle.

How to know if a product is working for your child's natural hair discoveringnatural african naturalistas
This product claims to clarify, nourish, and grow. Let's focus on the CLARIFY portion because that is the claim that can immediately be seen after use. When your hair is well clarify, it is clean of all product buildup, dirt and grim. If after using your hair, your hair doesn't do what it claims it should do, then it is not the right product.

How Does Your Hair Feel After Using the Product
Understanding your hair is very important. If after using the product, your hair feels worse than it did before using the product, then it might not be the right product for you or your child.

Going back to the product, it claims to Strengthen, Grow, and  Restore. Let's focus on the STRENGTHEN part of that claim. If prior to using this product on a consistent basis  your hair does not feel strengthen (reduction in breakage), and your hair continues to be in the same state it was prior to use, then it might not be the right match for you.

Product Does What It Says It Will Do
Now, this is the best situation. If a product does what it says it will do, of course it could seem it is the best choice for you, however, make sure that in every season, the product still works well for you. There are some times when products that use to work, might no longer seem to work. This does not mean you need to get rid of the product, it just means that maybe you need to use the product in a different climate or environment, or with other products. Here's an example:

       Janet bought a new product, Jericho Moisturizing Cream. This product claims to leave hair feeling soft and hydrated. Janet uses this product after washing her hair and applying some extra virgin olive oil on her hair. The product has worked well for Janet for 6 months doing these steps: WASH, APPLY OIL, APPLY CREAM. One day, Janet decides to apply some gel in her hair after apply the Jericho Moisturizing Cream. The next day, her hair is dry, and several weeks of doing this, her hair continues to be dry. Janet decides to stop using the cream and goes in search for another moisturizing product.

In this scenario, it is not that the product Janet was using was not working, the issue was the gel that when combined with the cream, causes adverse effect. As naturals, we tend to like combining products and mixing different products, it is important to understand the ingredients and how the product works before attempting this.

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  1. Nice one dear....very well said.

  2. You are right products work in relation to one another. Informative post!

  3. Really informative. This why people get varying results with the same product.

  4. Just well said love ur hair and ur children's hair kudos


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