Hair Over 40 - Tips for the Older Natural

Hi ladies, happy Friday!!

This article is dedicated to our older readers. I realised there is not much information on hair sites for older women. Most of the stuff out there is geared towards styling and coloring tips. 

Most women in their 40s and above seem to encounter  common problems of growth slumps, poor quality hair, thinning or bald patches and weaker strands. What we need to grasp once we reach that magic number is that our bodies are no longer as efficient as they were in our teens, twenties and thirties, so we need to give them that extra push for better hair.

1. Keep it nourished

We don't always get all the nutrition we need. At this age more than ever the body needs more nutrients for better quality hair. Eat  healthier nutritious meals and take a multivitamin or hair supplement. You'll particularly want to focus on vitamins such as biotin and niacin for growth; vitamin E for a healthy scalp;  omega fatty acids for increased shine, sebum production,  faster growth and hair loss prevention;

2. Drink more water
Cliche advice but still necessary. It will beat the ageing effects on your skin whilst boosting growth and facilitating adequate flow of nutrient to the scalp. Try and aim for 1.5 to 2 litres a day.

3. Attack hair loss before it happens
Women of a certain age often complain that their hair has started thinning out and is sparse. If your head hasn't reached that stage yet, don't let it. Tackle it ahead of time proactively. In my next post i'll go into detail as to how you can do that. Stay tuned!

4. Pamper your strands

They need the extra attention now. Use good quality products, seal more effectively with butters  to keep your ends in good condition. Most of all, deep condition at least once a week especially if you dye your hair. This gives it added strength which so often is lacking on older tresses. Which brings me to my next point.

5. Opt for natural dyes
Usually as we start hitting the late 30s we start to notice our grey friends (or fiends) popping up on our heads. This sends most of us for the nearest box of dye to shazam our heads back to their solid black or brown shades. Most commercial dyes contain ammonia which is quite harsh on the hair and is a major culprit of breakage and brittle strands. So Try and find an ammonia free brand (read the ingredients list before you purchase). Better yet opt for henna (for brown hair) or indigo (for black heads) to give you back that youthful appearance.
If you're not shy about it you can even rock your natural greys which are actually trending right now.

These few simple changes will do loads for your the health and vitality of your hair.

A lot of older women want better hair but don't know how to go about it, and the sad reality is most have given up on ever having that full and healthy head of hair they once had in their youth. Do your mother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend a favour by sharing this article with them if they are in this category.


  1. Nice. I sure hope women within the age you are targeting with this post get to see it.

  2. Nice post.
    Will use this information for my mum.
    I handle her hair for her.

  3. good tips
    am almost 60/40 i don't do permanent colors and am a natural woman. If i delve into the color thing which is seldom once ever 7 months or more i tend to use a rinse out color that fades in 28 shampoos so there is none of the damage cause with permanents.


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