Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 152

After reading reviews about the benefits of clays, and their goodness when it comes to clarifying hair and scalp, I decided to give it a try this weekend. This diary is a testament to the fact that I eased up on my DIY experimental ways in the past couple of months. I hope I don’t end up picking it back up as many of them have a way of going south for me.

Anyway, I bought the much raved about bentonite clay, and followed the instruction. I created a mask out of it, and used plastic bowl and spoon to mix it. At first, it was too thick as the water wasn’t enough. I added more water and it was alright.

I used the mask all over my hair, and became amazed when my hair was almost bone straight. I had never seen my hair that’s straight before, and it was a pretty strange sight. According to instructions, I proceeded to the bathroom 20 minutes later to wash “thoroughly” or so I believed. It was squeaky clean, and I noticed my curl pop a bit.

I dried my hair with an old cotton T-shirt, and later air-dried tit for another 4 hours, while doing other chores. It was when I was about to leave-in conditioner and moisturiser on my hair that Dimeji came knocking at my door. So I abandoned all hair care duties to attend to the love of my life. In the course of our gisting, I noticed he started looking at my head with that usual strange look in his eyes.

“Anna, have you started growing grey hair?”

“No, why?” I countered.

“So why do you have greys around your side edges on the left and right?” He asked.

“What greys?” I asked confused, so I went to my room, and took a portable hand mirror to the living room where Dimeji was waiting, and started looking for what he had seen.

“Can you see it now?” He asked, without giving me enough time to observe carefully.

“Yes, my oga.” I teased, as I noticed brownish white patches at my temples. It’s the residue from the bentonite clay I used to wash my hair.”

“Another thing? Okay o. So will you wash it off or what?”

“Another wash? After all I went through washing it off in the first place? No o. I will just dust it off.”

“Okay then”

So I proceeded to ‘dust it off’. Lo and behold, the strands in the tiny affected area were as hard as rock, so I started peeling it off. Not only did the clay go off, the hair went off with it.

I was alarmed when I noticed what happened, as Dimeji was looking in amusement. So I gave myself brain, and ran to the bathroom to rinse the remaining off instead of peeling them. While rinsing, all the hair strands in that area broke off. What??? I opened my mouth in more shock than before.

Arsenio Hall
Though it wasn’t massive, it was still painful that I lost hair I had no business losing, due to improperly washed off clay. Dimeji finally saw and understood what happened, and was laughing at me throughout.

Once again, I have reached the conclusion that maybe this DIY experimental routines are really not for me.


  1. Broke off keh? No o. I shall pray them back to life

  2. Lol Anna! Thanks to this post i'll ensure i wash it all out when i use it.

    1. Glad you were able to learn something from her.

  3. hahahahahahahahahhah. This got me cracking up... that meme though hahhhhahhahah

    1. Asin....With the hair all straight up....and mouth ajar.

  4. lol, this is just a lesson for us all doing DIY to carefully wash out in order not to lose any strand of hair.


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