5 Reasons Your Bantu Knot Out Ain't Workin' Out

Hi Ladies, Happy Friday!

I've become more experimental with my hair and tried to conquer the almighty bantu knot out (BKO). After a number of hits and misses here are my top 5 reasons your bantu knot out ain't workin' out. But first let's enjoy my BKO puff so we can be inspired for better hair:

Tutorial for this style here

Ok you may proceed!

1. You've used a product with a humectant

Humectants draw in moisture. This means you lose definition in a number of hours or even as soon as you undo the knots. Avoid products with ingredients like glycerine, rosewater and anything you know will definitely make your hair absorb moisture.

2. You used too much product

The thing about the knots is that they need to dry out completely in order for your hair to be set. Avoid using a lot of leave in conditioner or setting lotion/mousse as your hair may not dry, leaving you with puffier hair. One literally needs a drop of leave in, just enough to get your hair barely damp, not wet. 

3. Your hair wasn't dry enough

This applies to the instance when you are working with freshly washed hair. Give it time to dry out and be damp, not soaking wet. This ties in to reason number 2 above; wet hair takes long to dry. Generally I advise to work with dry stretched hair the day after you've washed.

4. You didn't detangle well

Smooth seamless detangled hair produces smooth knots that separate easily,  with lasting definition. Always work with finger or comb detangled hair. Make sure there aren't any knots as these are what make you lose definition. The hair will separate this way and that, and you'll end up with a coily/curly mess that would look better as a bun or afro.

5. You didn't use a setting lotion, cream, mousse or gel

Not everyone's hair sets well without the use of leave in conditioner and oil. How often we wake up to the frustration that our curls unravel and become straight  EVEN THOUGH your hair was dry, detangled and set overnight. 

My setting mousse of choice
Use a gel, setting lotion/cream/mousse to hold the curls all day long and even for the next few days. My setting mousse of choice is ORS wrap/set mousse. 

Happy bantu knotting. 

Which one of these reasons is messing with your knot out? 

P.S. I know I was supposed to continue with the hair over 40 series, next week pinky promise. 


  1. I use the cream of nature styling mousse and the definition lasts.

  2. I just am not a fan of the style because it can't last me for 2-3 weeks, lol.

    1. Hehehehe it's for your "fun week" when all you do is play with your hair.


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