How To Make Herbal Shampoo

Hello everyone!

Whilst making my last batch of black soap - I usually make it from the scratch - It occurred to me to make some herbal shampoo especially since the ingredients I used in mixing were also safe for the hair. So, I figured I could spare a little for my hair.

Usually, when making herbal shampoos, castille soap is always used as the base. Of course, I was about to get some when I realised that I could actually use black soap. A mean, there's a reason I have a whole jar. To make things like this.

It is important to note that homemade herbal shampoo is nothing like your regular store-bought shampoos. You won't get squeaky clean results instead you'll have a clean and moisturized hair that isn't stripping your natural hair oils. Also, the herbs present will aid in treating whatever scalp conditions you might have.

What You Need
Castille Soap or Raw black soap
Dried herbs
Oils - Jojoba or Olive or whatever you have
Essential oils

The measurements are based on the quantities you want. It is not advisable to make too much at a time especially if it's the first time.

The first thing you need to do is to get some liquid castille soap. It's faster but in the absence of that, if you're like me, you have to make your black soap down. Usually a week before. Whatever base you decide to use, aloe vera juice, lemon juice e.t.c., make sure it is ready and let it cure for about a week. The longer black soap cures, the better. Next, you
select your herbs and make an infusion by by pouring boiling water over the herbs, cover, and allow them to steep for at least 4 hours. After which, you stain the herbs and pour the liquid into a old shampoo or conditioner bottle. Next, you add your Castille or black soap and oils. Shake and voila, your shampoo is ready!

Easy peasy! Don't forget to shake anytime you want to use as the contents will naturally separate. There are no fancy emulsifiers in it. Also, make it small batches and use it immediately so it doesn't go rancid.

So, ladies is this something you can do?

Love, coils and curls


  1. Replies
    1. There is no sample measurements we might make mistakes with combination

    2. The products are not much and I believe most of us know that essential oils should be added in drops.

    3. but we need to be exact for sensitivity sake

  2. Wow never thought of making a herbal shampoo. Could you please give us a run down on how you make your black soap. (if it isnt posted here already)

  3. I think I would have liked to see some photos and maybe measurements? Or is everything eyeballed?

    1. We need Measurements we cannot eyeball sensitive stuff like this oo

    2. Oya Ebun....give us measurements o

    3. I guess a new post is brewing up


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