Top Hacks When Protective Styling With Extensions

Hey ladies, happy Friday!

Today I want to share some top hacks which really help make life that much easier when you use extensions to protective style. Check them out

*Soak your extensions in a rinse of apple cider vinegar and water.Rinse then allow the hair to dry, you can then proceed to braid. This removes the chemicals in the fibres which cause irritations and itchy scalp just after you've been braided.

*If your hair tangles easily, stay away from toyokalon fibre, marley hair and afro kinky. These have a rough texture which easily encourages tangles and meshing of the hair with the extensions. Use kanekalon fibres instead (which are smoother). You can also opt for crochet braids if you choose to go the marley hair, toyokalon fibre or afro kinky hair, as this method leaves little room for tangling since the extensions aren't mixed with the hair.

*Tired of that halo of frizz which makes your braids/twists look 4 weeks old after your first wash? Air dry with a silk scarf. It will lay the hair down as it dries and keep it looking newer for longer.

*When you want to take down your braids, twists or cornrows; apply some olive oil to them up till the place where your hair ends in the extensions. Cover with a plastic bag for about 30 minutes to an hour. You will find your hair is softer, knots are easier to undo, and the hair will separate much more easily from the extensions.

*Don't have time for a full wash day? Rub some apple cider vinegar mixed with water into your scalp. It will cleanse and refresh your scalp. Not to mention take away the itchies.

*Tired of your stylist tugging on your hair ( and pulling some of it out)  around the circumference of your hair as she braids? I.e. Around the hairline, behind the ears, on the sides. I use this simple trick; as soon as she has braided the first two to three centimetres, I hold the braid down at the base until she has braided the full length. This eases the tension on my hair so that as she pulls whilst braiding, the tension is restricted to the area above. This has saved my edges many, many times, try it!

How many of these tips have you tried?


  1. I do know two out of the six trick. I will add the trick about oiling the length of braid or twist before taking them down to my bag of trick.
    Learning mode activated.

  2. 4,5,6. Tips
    I have tried them

  3. I enjoyed this post, very informative!

  4. The last one I did all the time when I had stylists do my braids. Very good tip.
    I'm currently in kinky twists and I'm eager to try the silk scarf and olive oil tips.

    Naija girl next door

  5. Love these hacks. I do the last one a lot.

  6. Wonderful tips....would try some of these hacks d next time I am having braids installed.

  7. uhm, I don't understand the air dry with a silk scarf part. Should the hair be tied down while waiting to dry or patted down with the scarf?

  8. Superb post!!!
    I tried 1,4,5 steps and it really worked for me. I tried to recommend all those who all are using hair extensions. I love reading blogs on hair. Thanks a lot!!!! On reading I knew that Human hair extensions are good and 100% natural to use. Share few more post on myths about hair extensions.


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