This Photoset Of Di'ja's Natural Hair Will Give You All The Right Vibes

She's actually stunning and that 'fro is everything!
One of her favorites, bantu knots
No props whatsoever needed. Her hair is in a league of its own
How does she manage to pass a comb through that mane?
And she rocks them so damn well!

When Di'ja stepped into the Nigerian music scene over a year ago, my initial thoughts were, "Who is this mixed raced newbie with the guts to show off her natural hair unabashedly?" Apparently, she has roots in Sierra Leone and Northern Nigeria which of course explains her very strong facial features as well as her luscious natural hair. Along the line, she has warmed her way into our hearts and her 'fro never ceases to leave a lasting impression every.single.time.

Di'ja isn't your regular weave-wearing-cleavage-showing musician. In fact she has shown just how comfortable she is in her skin which of course includes the regular appearances of her natural hair in or out of a protective style. She doesn't stray too far away from her roots as well as her sense of self and that, to me is applaudable.

Di'ja likes to show off her 'fro at any given performance or photoshoot. A huge fan of cornrows and bantu knots, she makes sure her stylists don't overdo it. So far, we haven't had any reasons to complain which only means her team is doing something right.

This week, it's Di'ja and her natural hair giving off all the right vibes.

Love, coils and curls

Photo credits: Instagram - @aphrodija


  1. Ebun ebun, you never fail to update us with healthy-lush-coily-hair-of-head-naturalistas.

    see the nigerian in you speaking lol -->
    "Who is this mixed raced newbie with the guts to show off her natural hair unabashedly?"

    hair so on point.. #jealous

  2. Aww!!!
    Yes, I got all the right vibes with this. She is the real deal.

  3. She is stunning and her hair is lush.

  4. See how sleek her edges are in the pictures of the bantu knots.

  5. I didn't know she was natural. Well , ive only seena few pics of her before. Beautiful hair!! And so full.


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