My Hairline is restored! What I did to save my Natural Hairline.

Good Day Ladies! I hope you are all doing extremely well. On our different Natural Hair Journeys, we never fail to find a few key words that we all automatically react to. 'Edges' is one of those words, the term referring to our hairline. As a fine haired Natural, I have had my share of fighting with a scanty hairline as seen below a few months ago:

In a bid to restore my Edges, I declared that I would be embarking on another Hair Challenge to help my malnourished hairline. A few months down the line and there has been a massive improvement:

This took place within a space of three months. In this short video, I share with you what I did to help coax back my beloved hairline to semi-decency. Enjoy Ladies!


  1. hahahahahahahaha.. i laughed out loud at "your tears woke you up".. who are the people hating on natural hair oo making us have night mares of the hair being relaxed or straightened without our permission.

    i believe it too that stressing too much about a situation wouldn't change it automatically.

  2. I believe patience and persistence is key in achieving our hair goals....congrats on getting those edges back.


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