Fruits and Vegetables for healthy natural hair

Hello guys
 During the week, I was checking for things that can help me fulfil my dreams of reaching waist length in two years and I got to know a lot of things we have lying in our fridges and a few things we can easily lay our hands on can help make our hair journey easy. So, I decided to make a list and share.

  Egg yolk : Egg yolk is a great source of omega-3 (which leaves the hair shiny and healthy) and Biotin which prevents hair loss.
Beans : Beans are full of protein and folic acid. Folic acid helps the body revive its red blood cells which supplies oxygen to the hair.
Sweet potatoes : it's rich in carotene which prevents dandruff, other hair problems and stops hair loss.
Almonds and walnuts : Due to their richness in Biotin, these nuts help boost hair growth, fights scalp diseases, strengthens the scalp and gives shine. They are also rich in vitamin B and E which prevents hair loss and breakage.
Oranges : it's rich in vitamin c which helps your body absorb iron.
Oatmeal : Rich in fibre, iron, zinc and fatty acid which boost hair growth, making it thick and healthy.
Spinach : Contains sebum which is a natural conditioner.its rich in omega-3, potassium, magnesium and iron which keeps the hair lustrous and shiny.
Guava : Great source of vitamin C which prevents split ends and breakage.
Carrot : rich in beta carotene which stops hair loss and encourages growth.

Next time you pass beside a fruit stand, you better get atleast one of these fruits! As for me, I'm going to me making a smoothie with some of the fruits listed.

NB : guavas are better source of vitamin C compared to oranges.
         High in take of beta carotene can also cause hair loss.

Your questions and feedback are highly appreciated,
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  1. Erm, are these for eating or putting on our hair?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. i have been eating all of this naaa. as team fitfam the hair e haff not reach waist length oooo bukky .

  3. Nutritionists said if we eat all these things the way God intended us to eat them, in their originial form, we would never fall sick. I guess that includes our hair.


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