7 Times Munachi Abii's Natural Hair Inspired Us

TWA never looked so good!

She's probably the only celebrity I've seen with an actual TWA

Growth! Slowly but steady!



Hey 'fro Hey!

A selfie is absolutely necessary

Munachi Abii is an ex-beauty queen, rapper, TV personality and all round gorgeous woman. When I noticed her natural hair, I was taken a back for a minute. Hold up! Beauty queens usually don't wear their natural hair boldly. This is actually commendable. Or maybe she just decided to test the waters just to see what her natural curls felt like. Whichever, we're glad she took that decision.

Muna is one that is totally in her element; completely comfortable in her own skin. She's not afraid to show off her hair in it's various stages other than protective styling all the time which is not a bad thing. It's just good to see the actual growth stages no matter how inconsequential.

From the photos above, the most glaring features are her full edgesss for days. It's obvious that she has taken time out to actually care for her hair or she just has good hair care practices. Speaking of which, I would love to know what her routine's like.

Of course, she loves to style her hair but would rather go for a good ol'fro or a puff.

Well ladies, this week I bring to you, Munachi Abii and her lush mane.

Love, coils and curls.

Photo credits: @munachiabii


  1. Well you said it. Her edges are for days. She looks effortlessly beautiful.

  2. she is beautiful with healthy hair of hair...
    chidinma the musician/rapper rocks a TWA on the daily..

  3. Beautiful!! I want those edges

    1. Hehehe....everybody wants edges like that.

    2. There's something about them!

    3. Naa, not me. My edges are bae. Many people want my edges tooo, looollll.

  4. @francisca me I don't want her edges,lol mine is super okay for me

  5. TWA + glowing skin is the MVP mehn.


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