6 Photos That Show Adesua Etomi's Stunning Natural Hair

This particular pompadour suits her perfectly. For those that don't mind their hair on their faces, this should be tried out. Elegant and classy for that event.
Aha! Finally we get to see a shrunken 'fro. Not bad if you ask me. In fact I'd like to see more.
This style yet again! Don't be fooled! They are of different variations.
About that puff life.
The winning AMVCA hair!!!!
Some braids and twists. Gorgeous!
Fresh from winning the award for the Best Actress in Drama at the just concluded AMVCA is Adesua Etomi.

This actress hasn't been in the game for that long but one thing we haven't failed to notice is her natural hair. With the ever increasing league of natural haired celebrities, we're glad to see yet another one that isn't shy to rock her hair.

Clearly one that likes to experiment, Adesua is about that glam life. In fact, it was a tad difficult to find pictures that show just her good ol' regular hair. Rather, we have more stylish pompadours and whatnot which of course goes to show that natural hair can work in professional settings. You just need to get it right.

I particularly love that she knows what works for her and has stuck to it. It makes the entire process of selecting styles less time consuming.

So this week, I bring to you Adesua Etomi's stunning natural hair.

Love,coils and curls

Photo credits - @adesuaetomi


  1. her high puff is soooo nice. high puff and pj. *bliss*
    Adesua truly has a stunning healthy lush hair.

  2. The updos are so nice....o see myself trying out one of these styles soon..☺

  3. I love love love her hair! She's so pretty.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Making sense.
    She's so pretty.

  5. Is that high puff in the third picture all hers? I didn't know her before Berry featured her on the blog last week.


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