Tips for the Wig Enthusiast

Hey ladies, happy Friday!

Wigs are a fabulous low manipulation/protectictive style. They come with the convenience of pre-done hair whilst giving you ease of access to your scalp and strands. 

Here are some things to keep in mind whenever you decide to wig.

1. Keep wash days regular
Truth is wigs often bring out the lazy person in you because they are so convenient. Case in point; me. I'm currently wigging and going on my third week without washing my hair. So im making it a point to wash it tonight *hides*. Don't be like me, make sure you wash at least every two weeks.

2. Don't neglect your moisturising routine
Protecting your hair under a wig doesn't automatically mean it will stay moisturised. Invest in a braid spray or create your own moisturising spritz. It's as easy as spraying, sealing and going.

3. Wash your wig
Dirt and bacteria can build up over time. Wash your wig at least once a month in water with a few drops of shampoo. If the wig is made from human hair, rinse it in a dish of water with a few dollops of conditioner. If it is synthetic, a plain water rinse will do.

4. Ensure that the clips/ straps/combs are not eating into your hairline
You can cut off the combs or clips if they are negatively impacting your hairline. Bobby pins work just as well as the clips or combs to keep it secured.

5. Wear a wig cap or satin scarf under your wig
This will ensure that your hair doesn't dry out. If you can't wear a satin cap, you can always line the wig with it.

6. Take it off as soon as you get home.
Allow the scalp to breathe and encourage circulation with a scalp massage. It also goes without saying that you should not sleep with it on, no matter how tired you are.

Happy wigging!


  1. I like when you said it brings out the lazy in you. Hahahahahahahahaha.
    Thanks for the Tips, duly noted

  2. Nice one.
    When it comes to wigs am always like of conscious. I feel as though it's going to fall off my head if it's breezy or am driving in a car in which the windows are down.
    Sometime I can't wait to get home.
    I want to take it off in the middle of the day.

    1. Lmao see ehn, this is my main reason for not even thinking about a wig talk more of wearing it. The way my luck is wired, I just know it'll fall off when I'm outside. Nope. I'll pass.

    2. i can relate.. the kind of friends i have , i dont trust them to leave the wig on my head..

    3. Hahahahaha I used to feel like that, somehow I got over the feeling. Just ensured it was secure.

  3. Bee has become lazy ooo. Three weeks? Side eye at you.

    My heart breaks when I see ladies who have worn wigs so much that it has caused severe traction alopecia

    1. O MY DAYS... i can totally relate. Alopecia is so real. i saw one caused by incessant making of ghana weaving.

    2. I feel the shame of the stank eye. But I washed it as promised. And I'm washing it again this weekend!

  4. You're right,wigs really bring out the lazy person in me.

  5. Very good tips! I like to wear wig caps under mine, but worry sometimes about my hair line.

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