Akwaeke Emezi's Natural Hair Is All The Inspiration You Will Need In 2016

I noticed that this is her signature style.
Two buns are significantly better than one
Sister Sister
Oh so pretty!
Curls popping....just after a wash day

Hello everyone!

You're probably familiar with Yagazie Emezi and her signature mane. What you probably didn't know is that she has an even awesome sister, writer/filmmaker Akwaeke Emezi and her natural hair is equally glorious! (I know, I've spent a significant amount of time on her Instagram)

Well, now you know. Also, I've decided to bless you with the knowledge too. Just like every other person with a huge amount of hair, she isn't one to experiment. (What's up with folks under-utilising their long natural hair? ) Discussion for another day.

Anyway, if you're feeling uninspired or unintentional with your hair, this is everything you need this year. You can thank me later.

Love,coils and curls.

Photo credits: Instagram - @azemezi


  1. She does have lovely hair so curly and thick. I think I remember a time when she had locs.


  2. I love her hair and I'm inspired by her work. She and Yagazie aren't much for styling but @naturallytemi, who I think has been featured her brings it with her long hair styles.

  3. her hair is absolutely gorgeous!! arghh!!!
    im still waiting fo rmine tho

  4. She and her sister have gorgeous hair.

  5. Beautiful healthy hair!
    She and her sister are just breathtakingly beautiful 😍😍



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