New Arrivals on African Naturalistas Product Store

Good news ladies,

We have some new items in stock, and have restocked on some old items on the African Naturalistas product store. If you have not been to the store lately, you really need to check it out by clicking here.

Amongst many things we have are

1. Crotchet Needle


2. Cold wave rods

cold wave

3. Flex rods


4. Afro combs

long comb 2     long comb

5. Satin bonnets, scarves, hair stockings, mesh wraps, etc.

stocking  mesh wrap  scarf

6. Detangling comb


7. Rogaine


8. Hair Shears

shears   shears1

More details about every single product can be found when you go to the store and click on details of products of choice.

Be sure to check the store for many things we have. They come at very affordable and competitive prices, so I can bet that you would be getting a good deal from us.

Don't waste time again, click here to go to the store, and purchase yours.

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